The disk space feature shows the full capacity of info that you could have on the shared hosting server at any given time. With a desktop computer, for instance, this is the size of your hard disk or the full volume of all of the hard disks in the event that the computer has more than 1. Exactly as the space on a PC is divided between installed software programs, documents, music files and so forth, the server storage space is normally divided between site files, databases and emails. Every file, folder or email requires some space on the server, and that means you should consider plenty of factors, not only the size of the files you upload. For instance, getting sizeable email attachments or running a script-driven site where the user-generated info is kept in a database will also affect the hdd space you're using.
Disk Space in Shared Hosting
We have designed our Linux shared hosting with the idea that the hdd space should not be an issue for your websites. While many web hosting companies create accounts using a single server, and in fact, the most popular Control Panels are intended to function solely on this kind of platform, we've used an alternative strategy. We have groups of servers that handle every single part of the website hosting service, to ensure that your files will be stored on a single cluster, your email on a different one,your databases using a third one, etcetera. With this cloud platform we accomplish a couple of things - the hdd space is virtually infinite for the reason that we can add as many servers and hard disks to our clusters as required, and we improve the overall effectiveness of each machine as just one kind of processes will operate on it. This custom setup will enable you to improve your websites as much as you'd like without having to worry about not having enough hard disk space.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With our semi-dedicated server packages, the hard disk storage characteristic is unrestricted, so you can direct your attention to developing your websites the way they should be and never be worried about reaching some restriction. Unlike the majority of hosting suppliers that create accounts on a single server, we use a custom-made cloud platform, that enables us to provide truly unrestricted disk storage for every single account. With just a single machine, there're only so many HDDs you can use, not mentioning that the most common hosting Control Panels are not designed to work with numerous servers concurrently. Our platform, by contrast, employs clusters of servers for the web site emails, databases and files, and our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel was designed to work with it. We are able to add as many servers to any of the clusters as needed at any time, so that the disk space is practically limitless.
Disk Space in VPS Hosting
All our Linux VPS hosting come with a huge amount of hard disk space to meet your needs and not restrict the development of your websites. Naturally, if you would like to operate just a single resource-consuming site or several smaller sites, you will need extra power in general, so the greater the VPS package, the more hdd space you'll have. Switching between the packages is very easy and the further storage space will be included in your current account without transferring any data or stopping/restarting the server, so when you reach the space limit of your existing plan, you can upgrade with a few mouse-clicks in your billing section. As we provide you with several web hosting Control Panels for our virtual private servers, you are given two options for your disk space management - with Hepsia, all the web sites share the entire server space, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you're able to make individual accounts for the domains and set up an allowance for each account.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
Selecting Linux dedicated web hosting you'll get all of the disk space that you'll need for your websites, databases, e-mails and apps. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be accessible and not shared with anybody else, hence you can upload any content you need to - web site files, personal or company archive backups, and many more. You will get a minimum of 2 hard disk drives that function well in RAID, so that one of the drives will mirror the other one in real time in order to make sure that all of your precious info is always secured. If you like, you can use the disks independent of each other and take advantage of the full space the way you see fit. When needed, you can also get additional drives connected to your server and get even more storage space. You will have the option to create hosting accounts with pre-set hard disk space allocations when you obtain your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Picking Hepsia, which is the third Control Panel alternative on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on the server will share the disk space and they'll be controlled from one account. In each case, our dedicated plans will meet all of your requirements regardless of the type of web site you would like to host.