If you want to create a web site, you need two things - your own domain and a website hosting plan for it. The domain registration is the actual website address that you enter in a web browser to access a site, while the hosting space is where your website files will be. These are two tightly related, yet individual services, while many people think that registering the domain name is enough. Much like the disk space and the monthly traffic features which a given hosting plan has, there are a certain number of registered domains you can add as hosted which means that you can have the web content for them in some account even if the domains are in fact registered via a different service provider. In technical terms, it doesn't matter if a domain is registered and hosted with the same company or is registered with one company and pointed to another - in any case your sites will operate exactly the same way.
Hosted Domains in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting plans come with a different amount of domains you can host in a single account. If you'd like to have one or a few sites, you won't need a lot of system resources, so you won't need to pay for a very powerful package and you can pick a lower-end one. If you want to have more sites in the future, you can always upgrade the entire plan or only the hosted domains function of your current plan - it's going to take only a few mouse clicks in your hosting CP to accomplish this. There is absolutely no limit on how many domains you are able to register via our company and by choosing the most suitable plan, you can choose how many of them you are going to actually host. If you have domain names which are registered using a different provider, you are able to host them here as well and use our web and email hosting services for them.
Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages enable you to host an unrestricted amount of domains by default, not by demand or after some costly upgrade. We've ensured that the feature matches the computing power of the plans simply because it does not make sense to have a large amount of resources and be able to use them only for a limited number of domain names. If you register a new domain name via our company, it'll be hosted in your account automatically, so you'll not have to do anything manually after that to link it to the account. If you decide to host a domain, which is registered using a different company, you can do so with a couple of mouse clicks and you can see the name servers that you need in your Hepsia CP. The latter was created specifically for multi-domain hosting, so you'll be able to control all hosted domains from one place effortlessly. You can forget about working with different systems and accounts as you would have to do with other Control Panels.
Hosted Domains in VPS Hosting
Our virtual private server solutions do not have any limit for the amount of domain names that you can host regardless of the Control Panel that you choose throughout the process of ordering. With Hepsia, you'll be able to handle all domain names in one place and any new domain that you register will be hosted automatically on the server with no need to do anything manually. If you acquire the VPS with cPanel or DirectAdmin, you can select if a number of domain addresses are going to be accommodated within one account or if each and every domain is going to be hosted in its own account since there's no limit how many separate accounts you can create using these two Control Panels. You can register new domains through the VPS billing area and decide which of them you intend to host and which ones to park and forward.